A Walk In The Park Pet Service - Providing Pet Owners Peace of Mind
I care for all pets
Your pet sitting request can be anything from a 15 min. visit to a 12 hr. overnight stay in your home.
Service can include feeding & fresh water,
bathroom breaks, litter box, oral medications
& walks or play time.
No extra charge for holidays or weekends.
No extra charge for multiple pets.
And also at no extra charge, if you wish, I will collect your mail & newspaper, water plants, take out trash & recycle bins, turn lights on & off and open & close curtains. This will give your home an occupied appearance.
Special Note: I do not advertise on my vehicle. I strive to blend in and not alert anyone that you are away from home.
You can have peace of mind that your beloved pets will feel secure in the comfort of their own home. And they will receive much love and attention while your home appears lived in.